The pain, sufferings and misfortune of millions of poor and under-privileged people led the founders of this noble organization which we know today by the name of SAI KIRPA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY (SKSWS).

The youthful and dedicated team of SKSWS is always restless and has been striving for prosperous, peaceful and progressive social order in the land of Gautam Buddha.

SKSWS believes that social upliftment is not a responsibility of a single entity, agency or a group of individuals; it’s the concerted effort of every individual that would go a long way in paving the path of holistic and progressive development. Thus, SKSWS is all committed to make everyone partner in writing the success story of societal development and give it shape of a movement.

SKSWS invites everyone to be a part of this noble movement which intends to change India’s social scenario in coming years. You can participate as volunteers, join us as a member, donate or fund a project to be part of this grand and pious movement.

SAI KIRPA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY is a registered society, registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860. SKSWS has started its operation actively in 2008, with motive to help these poor and underprivileged children who need costly treatment and surgery and has diversified actively with serving in other thrust areas as well, within a small time-span.

All donations to SAI KIRPA SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY are exempted U/S 80G

CCAvenue Payment GatewayExempt Under 80G

A small donation can make a BIG difference in the lives of our children and women

Rs 500 Rs 1000
Rs 2000 Rs 5000
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Helping Needy Patient


Name: Baby Geeta

Age: Male Yrs / 12 days 0

Disease: Apnea

Referred for financial assistance by Kasturba GandhiHospital,daryaganj, delhi.This baby Patient from tulsi nagar,New Delhi and belongs to very poor family.Baby was suffering from Apnea & requires medicines but his father is working in small factory on daily wages and could not arrange the treatment cost.with support of all our valuable donors we provided fully medicine for the baby patient & he got her treatment successfully done,now he is out of danger ,Our wishes with him for live a healthy & beautiful life.

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